All Mask Aviation lighting products have been developed by using LED technology. Indeed, LED technology increase the lifetime of the lighting. For example, a LED lighting will illuminate 30 times longer than an halogen lighting. This greatly reduces the lighting maintenance frequency and allows cost savings.

Mask Aviation engineering department works in collaboration with mechanics partners. These are developing and manufacturing various mechanical parts constituting the lights. Mask Aviation engineering department carry out studies, follow the manufacture and realize the assembly of electronic lighting systems wich will be integrated into the subcontracted mechanical parts.

Control Box:

Control Boxes are metalic boxes installed in the cockpit or in a control room. They are equiped with switches and indicators in order to drive the lighting, visualize the quantity of drinking water in the aircraft, etc... Each box has a particular function which can be customized at will depending on customers needs.

Monitor Lift:

A Monitor Lift is an electromechanical system on which is fixed a monitor. The system is integrated into a cabinet. MASK AVIATION monitor lift deploys a monitor out of the cabinet in eight secondes.

Mask Aviation: Development and Assembly of Electronic Systems for Business & Private jets